Privacy and cookie policy 

In fulfillment of obligations under national and European legislation (D.Lgs 30th June 2003 nr.196, Personal Data Protection Code – European legislation of personal data protection nr. 679/2016 GDPR) and following amendments, this website respects and protects privacy of users, visitors and their data. This privacy policy is to be applied exclusively to the online activities of this website and it is valid for every visitor and user of the website. The final purpose of the privacy policy is to guarantee the highest level of transparency regarding the information gathered through this website and the way it is used.

As per all other websites also this uses information which could be:
• IP address;
• Browser type and technical parameters of the device used for connection;
• Name of the Internet service provider (ISP)
• Date and time of the access
• Previous page and next page visited;
• Number of clicks

This information is treated through an automated process with the only purpose of checking that the website is working properly and for security reasons. This information cannot be used for user identification but exclusively for privacy protection purposes either of the website itself or of its users.
If the website allows entering comments or if any specific service is required from the users, the website automatically recognize and register some personal information, including email address, which are considered to be provided willingly by the user.
The data received will be only used when the service is required. The users allow (consciously and voluntarily) to make public any personal information that is provided by using any service or tools of the website.
The information collected by the website during the operations required by the user, are exclusively used for the above mentioned purposes and kept for the time needed to process these activities. These data will never be released to any third parties and for any reason, unless they are required by legal authorities and in any situation imposed by the law.

The information collected from the users is stored within the European Community, treated in the headquarters of the holder and in our datacenter of our web hosting Aruba.
A cookie is a small file that can be saved and, it can be retrieved by the system or by the user’s mobile device during the following visits. This website uses cookies to simplify web browsing and to collect data for the analysis of the use of the website.
Basing on the main function of the cookies there are technical cookies and third parties cookies. Technical cookies are used to make browsing or provide a service requested by the user. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner of the website.
Third parties cookies are used to supply further services and functions to the users and to improve the usage of the website itself, such as comments on socials or videos. There are no personalized cookies, for which authorization of the user is needed.
Some cookies (called session cookies) are valid until the closure of the browser or until the user is logged in whereas some other cookies are saved even after the closure of the page. These lasting cookies have a fixed duration, established by the server at the moment of creation, which could be either limited – with a fixed due date or unlimited.
The website could be compromised by disabling the technical cookies completely or even partially. Third party cookies can be disabled without compromising the web browsing. Cookies are all linked to the browser and can be disabled directly from it, by refusing the agreement regarding its usage.
Instructions for cookies disabling can be found on the below websites:
For more information regarding cookies policies and to accommodate your preferences please use the browser commands or visit the website

This website doesn’t apply , with reference to the information exclusively treated by the holder, data transfer policies outside the EU community.
This website uses data in a legal and correct way, by adopting the appropriate security measures against unauthorized accesses, publishing, amendments or non authorized destruction of data. Data are processed through a proper system in order to reach the above aims using IT and /or telematic tools. Some external parties may share information collected by the website, together with the main holder, these could be people involved on the internal website organization (such as administrative, commercial, marketing and legal area, and system administrator, etc.) or external (such as hosting providers, IT societies, webmails, communication agencies, etc.). All these figures are properly in charge and recognized.
The below rights can be carried out by the users, according to the European law 679/2016 (GDPR) and national law:
• To require confirmation regarding the existence of personal information (right of access);
• To know the origin of above information;
• To receive communication;
• To be informed about the logic, the ways and the purposes of the treatment;
• To require updated, amendments, integration, cancellation, to make them anonymous, to require to block the data treated due to infringement of the law (also in the case they are used for different aims from the ones stated above)
• When approval on data treatment is required, to receive, at the only cost of eventual support, the data given to the holder, in a format readable on a mobile device;
• The right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority;
• The right to carry out any right indicated by the law;
All requests need to be addressed to the controller by using the tools inside the contacts area of the website.
The holder of personal information treated is Calzificio Fap spa, please use “contact us” section to get in contact with us.
This privacy policy has been updated on the 25th may 2018